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The Cosmopolitan Club

Kalpetta, Wayanad

Soak up the great scenic atmosphere alongside 240 acres of Robusta Coffee plantation. At the vicinity of the The Cosmopolitan Club behold miles and miles of Robusta coffee fields that adds to the prestine character of the club. Being the Government’s coffee development and research property, the area will remain unhindered and pure from any sort of fast-paced developments, thereby preserving the rustic nature of the club at all times.
About Us

A brief history

The Cosmopolitan Club was born as the “The Tagore Memorial Reading Room and Sports Club” in 1946 with Shri.Kottaram Gopala Iyer as its founder President and 35 members, with the desire for entertainment in Kalpetta.


Club Facilities

Club House
Ladies Room
Board Room
Kitchen & other utility area
Spacious Lobby
Common Rest Rooms
Indoor & Outdoor sitting area
Cards room with pantry area
Table Tennis
Gym/Health Club
Valley View Restaurant
Indoor Badminton court

About Wayanad

A land captivating with prehistoric caves and towns, ancient ruins and hidden treasures. Stunning native birds and wildlife, jungle trails, prominent historic figures, diverse scenic wonders. Panoptical vision of hills and dales, waterfalls, impressive sunsets, forests and mountains.


Lifetime membership

We provide both lifetime and normal membership to interested persons. Lifetime membership can be transferred to close family members too. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the world.

Meet our Board members

Magnificient personalities who lead our club and who made our vision to come true to be the best club of Wayanad.

Office Bearers

Want to visit us?

Are you a member of our Affiliated Club?

Any member of our club or affiliated clubs can enjoy our facilities with prior booking

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open to public?

The Cosmopolitan club is different from a hotel/resort. So we allow our members or guests of our members to enjoy our facilities. Also we allow members from our affiliated clubs to enjoy our facilites.

What are the benefits of Lifetime membership?

A lifetime membership is transferable whereas normal membership is not transferrable.

How do I book a room if I am a member of your afffiliated club?

To book a room, you have to reuest your club to contact us and make a booking. We do not entertain direct booking from affiliated club’s members. The affiliated club’s official has to contact us for booking.

Where is your club located in Wayanad?

We are located near KSRTC bus garage at a place called Chuzhali in Kalpetta. An all weather road near NSS high school can take you to The Cosmopolitan Club. You can use signboards on the way or Google map to reach us.


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